Thursday, August 18, 2005

Like wading through molasses.

Time has been going very sloowwwwly for me lately. Or so I thought. But then I looked at the date of my last entry and my mind is officially boggled - August 3rd?? Was it really that long ago? Is August really more than half over already? This morning there was a distinct chill in the air as I was leaving for work, signaling the proximity of Fall. I love Fall. I love the chill in the air - I feel more alive when it's cold. When it's hot all I wanna do is eat ice cream and lay around trying not to sweat too much. Fall makes me want to move faster and get more things done. Except I hate it when it starts getting dark at 5.

I've been saving this Huffington post entry from Larry David for a while. I think it's quite hilarious. I'm going to try a stream-of-consciousness (wow, that word looks wrong, but I don't think it is) post sometime. Of course, I'm always thinking and promising new things concerning my blog, but I'm bad with the follow-through. We'll see if I get around to that someday....

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Must.... update....

You know what? I really have nothing to say. My life is uber boring right now. Unless you want to hear about how crappy the traffic was this morning. Or how I really need a haircut. Or how funny my fat cat looks when he tries to jump up onto the couch - slippery wood floors are hell on a fat cat's equilibrium.

I suppose I could talk about a movie or something. I saw Wedding Crashers the other night. It was surprisingly hilarious. Both of the main actors annoy the heck outta me, but I really really enjoyed the humor. I wish I could remember the parts that I laughed the hardest at, but I don't. I know I laughed hard enough to squeeze out a few tears at one point though. I'll have to check it out again soon to refresh my memory. Go see it.

Of course, I've also spent a lot of quality personal growth time watching Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer over the last week. I think Season 5 might be my favorite of all of them. Spike's character gets developed, Buffy-bot gets made, Riley gets dumped (w00t!), Glory ROCKS, Dawn enters the picture, Buffy dies (oops - spoiler alert), Giles takes over the magic store, Xander and Anya are so cute together, Willow becomes powerful, Tara gets more good screen time, and other stuff happens too. The quality of character development in BtVS will never seize to amaze me. To quote a popular sentiment of the episode reviewers on Sunnydale Slayers - "Ave Joss".

My motivation to do important things - wash clothes, feed cats, change litterboxes, get off my increasingly large ass - has dropped severely since being sick. So I just sit and watch Buffy. Again. My life goes in cycles - life without Buffy, life when all I can think about is watching more Buffy, life without Buffy - ad infinitum. I bet that Buffy craving signals some sort of psychological change. I used to do the same thing with silly romance novels. Oh well, at least it's not ice cream or booze.

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MMMMmmmm... bloody, dark, sensitive Spike. You know, if I just look at pictures of Spike, he's not that great. But man, do those two (Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters) have some great on-screen chemistry... Season 6 next *shiver*

Hey, did someone say "Buffy"?....