Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The internet lovin' just keeps on comin'

To continue on the thread from my last post, How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet. What he says about your age when something changes or is invented having a huge effect on how you accept it is so true. There are a few older people who have really embraced new technologies, not just because they were forced to because of their jobs, but because they truly love it (my father being one of them). But they are mostly in the minority, in my, admittedly limited, experience.

I'm still avoiding the London topic, but I do want to point to this blog entry and the comments especially. I don't know why I'm so infatuated with the world wide web lately... it must be a phase I'm going through. I'm not 30 yet, so I'm still capable of ebracing the change with all of my being :)

On a more personal note, I'm quite excited about the 2005 San Diego International Comic Con starting tomorrow. I have never actually been to the biggest Con ever (they're expecitng 100,000 people this year!), but I always enjoy all the movie and comicbook excitement that comes out of it. Plus the live coverage courtesy of Sideshow is always awesome and has, for the last 3 years, made me feel as if I am there and experiencing it all - plus it helps make the workday positively fly by. Live webcams, crazy chatters, celebrity guests, and free stuff. What more could I want for 5 days straight? Maybe a life, but there's plenty of time to deal with that after the Con is over.

This has GOT to be a joke. Right? That spacecraft/comet crash was really badass. It's like a movie. And now we know that we'll never have to suffer through Deep Impact since we can hit a comet and most likely knock it off its trajectory if we want. Now THAT would be a cool job.

Now, I know that a few posts back I promised no more Star Wars links. But I couldn't resist this one: Tom Cruise Kills Oprah. Everyone reading this has most likely already seen it, but it's worth seeing again. When I first saw it, I couldn't stop myself from watching it over and over again. Hysterical. The look on Tom Cruise's face when he laughs - creepy! How it fits perfectly with the Emperor's laugh - even creepier.

Someone got paid to do this?? Just to spice up their conference room for a couple of days? I want that job.

To close: it pains me to say it, but No, I'm not keeping up with your blog, and I am really very sorry. There's just not enough time in the day lately. Rough time of year at work (event planning industry - and it's wedding season). You know which blog I REALLY miss keeping up with? LifeHacker - I LOVE that site. There are some really great tips every single day. I haven't checked my Bloglines in so long that I'm afraid to open it. There's going to be like 4000 unread posts. Urg.



At 2:08 AM, Blogger izchan said...

Dear Carol,

woe is time not suficient to blog the day away.

Mine takes up just slightly 2 hours not including comments.

Here is the five minutes dedicated just for you.


At 11:11 AM, Blogger Radioactive Jam said...

"Sleep is for the weak."

I know, sorry for getting all sentimental. :->

Hang in there. We'll stick around and sooner or later see* you again.

* So to speak**.

** Can you tell whose site I've been frequenting?

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Demosthenes said...

You know, after Tom's little couch-jumping act with just about every talk show host, including the big "O," I was expecting the headline to be vice-versa. I don't watch her show, but when they showed the highlights* on Today, you could just see how freaked out she was behind that forced smile. I swear, she must have been thinking, "This guy is a creep! That Holmes girl is half his age! And scientology? And now he's jumping on my couch? I could kill..."

*if you could call that immature little act a highlight**

**I like this. Usually I pack all my points into one big monologue, but this looks more professional and plus it makes me feel like Terry Pratchet***

***A british fantasy satire writer. If there was a literary hierarchy, this guy would be god. Check him out.

At 11:41 PM, Blogger izchan said...

I am back again for your 5 minutes .. :)


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