Saturday, May 14, 2005

More fingers found in food.

What's up with this "finger found in food" epidemic that's sweeping the nation? Here's another story about a digit found in some frozen custard. Side note: is that like ice cream? No seriously, what makes frozen custard different from, say, frozen yogurt, or ice cream even? Is it another word for the same thing? Or is is something new entirely?? I'm confused. Plus, this devil machine had previously claimed some other underpaid worker's digit? What are the odds?? Anyway, I guess the guy finally decided to give the poor custard-maker his finger back, but alas, it was too late.

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So I've been collecting interesting links all week long, and I will now spring them all on the unsuspecting visitor in no particular order, starting with one of my favorite subjects, Apple computers and all that is the wonderful world of Mac. The newest big thing from Mac is the new OS, Tiger OSX. I am very excited with mine and have joined the cult of Mac 100%. Plus I really like the word "widgets", of which there are now 169 new ones to download. I wonder if anyone has downloaded them all? Sometimes I think that these types of things make life even more complicated instead of less so. How do you keep track of which widgets you have and which you don't? I think there should be a widget to keep track of your widgets. Just kidding... or am I? I liked Jason Kottke's collection of silly TIger-related headlines. I also enjoyed looking through the photos from Tiger's release (more here). Isn't it fun to feel like part of a community? That's what's lacking in the Window's world - community. It's too big, there's too many PC users, using Windows doesn't make me feel like part of an exclusive club. Okay, I'm getting to deeply into psychology... moving right along...

Speaking of Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates, sounds like someone's getting a little jealous to me. The iPod fuckin' rules, nothing will replace it in the near future. Especially not some virus-attracting Windows phone. Why don't you try thinking of something new and exciting, Mr. Billionaire? Phones playing music... meh. Phones that shoot lasers and liquid acid in the faces of your enemies... yeah. The world needs more James Bond gadgets in my opinion.

Speaking of phones, bet you didn't know that God hates AT&T, MCT, and Verizon! [WARNING: Sound in that link!!] And that Verizon teaches employes to be more accepting of gay lifestyles... how shocking! WTF??? Is this "United American Technology" company for real? The ignorance and fear of the unknown of some people out there quite honestly dumbfounds me. This is the United American Technologies website. I love the picture of the kid doing "earmuffs!" from that movie Old School. (For more information, and another enlightening MP3, go to Wonkette and scroll down to May 10th, if it doesn't already take you there.)

Enough of that scary stuff, on to something really just damn silly. And cute. And more than a little crazy.

Exciting news on the technology front: more U.S. cities plan to set up wireless networks!!! As someone who just recently purchased a laptop with built-in wireless capabilities, this is great news. I would LOVE to be able to surf from the beach. Haha, get it? "Surf" from the beach... oh nevermind. But it would be cool.

Sideshow had a chat for Friday the 13th, and I missed it AGAIN. But this guy from the Freaks Board happened to log it and post it on his site already - WITH pics. It's awesome - thanks dude! Warrington Gillette sounds pretty nutty. I can't believe he wants to make a movie about his father's death with fans of the Friday the 13th movies killing his stepmom, the Evil Villainess. It sounds to me like he needs some therapy instead. Tom Savini seems really neat and has had an interesting life in the "biz". I will always think of him as the guy with the crotch rocket in From Dusk Till Dawn, no matter how talented a makeup artist he is. Classic.

Now that Revenge of the Sith is less than a week away from it's worldwide debut, I present the requisite Star Wars link of the day. I really envy Mr. Vader's blogging style. I wish I could be that open with my feelings. He's a class act, that Darth.



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