Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm the coolest. No I'M the coolest - and I can prove it.

Since I'm on the internet a lot, I see most popular links/sites before a lot of other people. And then, a month later, someone who is sooooo 15 minutes ago sends me the link again, thinking they are so cool and hip. Well, now let me introduce " : you're the coolest, and you can prove it" - a complete waste of time. The only reason this service exists is so you can email your friend back and say "Look, slow-ass, I'm way cooler than you 'cuz I found this link 3 weeks ago - so there!". Ridiculous. Why is there such a need for competition across the web? Can't we all just enjoy it?? Say, instead, "Cool, thanks. I saw this link a few weeks ago, but I always get a kick out of it." Or something. I mean, think of all the steps you would have to go to to use this to prove your coolness - sign up for an account, log it when you come across something cool, search for it when your friend sends the email, then copy and past the URL into a new email, write a message about how lame your friend is, and send it. I say again - ridiculous. If one has to prove oneself as cool, one is definitely not cool. Just like these pathetic t-shirts, which I'm sure are popular with the "hipster" crowd of "digerati" (don't you like my "use of quotations"?). I mean, seriously guys, can't we all just bask in the iPod and Apple glow without pointing fingers??? Sheesh. [EDIT: and yes, I am entirely aware that I am pointing fingers right back - deal with it - I'm just publishing a stream of consciousness here, okay? I'm not trying to sell something or sign someone up for my service by using my finger-pointing prowess.]

Speaking of old news - I might as well comment on the new USDA Food Pyramid - or should we say, Food Circus Tent (or Part of a Pie Chart), 'cuz that's what it really looks like. Pyramids are supposed to be blocks built on top of other blocks to form the shape, which is why it was great before. The stuff you need to eat the most of forms the base, etc. etc. Now it's just confusing. Plus, it discriminates against color-blind people because how can you tell what color is for what, if you can't tell colors? I guess you just have to memorize which line is first, which line second, etc. And then memorize what each line is for exactly - hold on a second, is that one treats or is it for protein?? - yeah, I definitely liked it better the other way. And the silly stairs on the side? Like I need a reminder to exercise. Second to doing work (and blogging), getting exercise is the thing that I spend the most time thinking about - thinking about ways of not doing it, that is. Bah, change makes me grumpy.

Got a new Buffy figure today from the Sideshow Buffy lineup. It's sold out, but I got it off evil-Bay (I got addicted too late in the game to get it while it was available direct from Sideshow). It's the Angel in human form 12 inch fig. I love all his rings and his shoes (what can I say, I think I have a slight shoe fetish, like most women - Sideshow has such great detail, even down to the shoes!). Now I can live out my fantasies with my nifty David Boreanaz look-alike doll - ew, that's kinda gross, nevermind, block that from your mind.

I wish I could get the Buffy Summers figure - pictured in the red jacket with Angel here:

Image hosted by

as it's by-far the best Buffy action figure out there, but it always gets too expensive for me. Bah.

My camera is unfortunately DEAD and being worked on so I can't take pictures. Eventually I am going to put together a photo blog on Flickr (and get me a Pro account, baby) of all my action figs and statues fighting it out and posing in weird places with random people, but not yet. Besides, I have no time even for blogging, what makes me think that I would have time to do something like that??? I'm just kidding myself.

- upload all CDs to iTunes
- create Flickr photo blog
- balance checkbook
- get a Mother's Day gift
- get my oil changed
- pet my cats

Speaking of Sideshow, I really wish I could have gotten the Angel directly from them - they just started this great new programe called Collect for Life, in which they donate part of the proceeds from all sales made directly through their website to the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. What a great cause. Plus you get a free Collect for Life bracelet. Yay - more stuff!! I'm addicted to stuff. I also just found out about this message board called Sideshow Freaks so that I can discuss my addiction with fellow addicts. Although, I really don't have the time, but I will be actively lurking from now on - I am an information whore. I'll add "lurk at Sideshow Freaks board" to my list of things to do before death.

I found this funny. I think I was just in a weird mood though - it's not THAT original. But it IS funny. My favorite - "i'm not rushin' into it. i always do that." And from the same site - excellent Better Off Dead goodness. That movie is genius.

Here's is something that I touched on before in my entry when I discussed the top 10 most likely causes of Earth's destruction (must scroll down to fifth paragraph - still haven't gotten past basic HTML commands so that I can make it do it for you). It's artificial intelligence! w00t!!1! I always wanted to chat with a machine and ask it psychology questions. That'd be interesting - "I'm sorry, I do not understand the question. What is this thing called jealousy?" It'll be interesting to see if the idea gets any further than it has in the past. Maybe, instead of hatching nefarious plots to take over the world, the machines can figure out the cure for cancer and AIDS and diabetes and make us lots of money so we humans can just sit around drinking Mai-Tais at the beach, taking advantage of the free WiFi service that will be globally adopted by that time. Aaaaahhhh - just let a girl dream for second.

Okay I'm tired of typing now...


At 12:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want an even bigger kick in the pants regarding that "I got my iPod" T-shirt? They're trying to say that everyone else is slow on the uptake, right? Well, then why does the T-shirt show the new model iPod (obviously a click wheel model). If they were truly in on the early adopter phase, they would have the model with the white wheel and buttons surrounding it or, at the very latest, the 2g/3g model with the four buttons arrayed above the wheel.

So much for brains, eh?


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