Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day.

Wow, where did THAT weekend go? I think I lost a few hours, has it really been 3 days?? Sometimes I could swear that I have glimpsed Enlightenment, only to be rudely brought back to "the real world" again by coming to the realization that I have completely wasted three whole days of my life. You know, if I was a monk in Tibet and had no need to worry about money or having a job or taking care of sick pets or keeping track of paperwork or fixing my car I would have lots of time to persue a better way of life. As it is, I have so much on my plate at the moment, that I've completely shut down and can't seem to get ANYTHING done. But instead of using my "not doing anything" time for something useful - volunteer work/life improvement/taking a vacation - I just sit on my butt feeling sorry for myself and thinking about all the stuff that I SHOULD be doing - paying bills/doing some work/taking care of sick pets/organizing paperwork/fixing my car. Hmmm... maybe I should just leave everything behind and join the Chopra Institute...

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Or maybe I should just learn to better manage my time. Any tips that actually work for more than a couple of days before falling to the wayside? I could really really use some right about now, before this sense of panic gets any worse.

Eeewwww, I hate this feeling - gotta shake it off. This too shall pass...

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Tale of Evil Mr. Big

So I was reading Metafilter as usual today, and really enjoyed this post and the resulting discussion. In fact, I spent more time than usual on MeFi, and hopefully the Boss will not find out - Memorial Day weekend starts this afternoon, and they want me to concentrate on work - that's a funny joke.

Anyway, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to my fellow MeFite cleardawn's response to goatdog's sarcastic question:

Wait, so some people think it's ok to download movies and songs, and other people don't? When did this develop, and why wasn't I consulted?

cleardawn resonds:

Well, goatdog, are you sitting comfortably?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, everyone was happily singing and dancing, telling stories, playing games, cooking meals for each other, sharing their land and their lives, and teaching each other all that they knew for the sheer blissful joy of it.

Then, one day, a dark cloud fell over Happytown. Evil Mr Big had arrived!

Immediately, evil Mr Big decided that from now on, all the songs, all the stories, all the games, all the land, all the lives, and all the knowledge in the world belonged to him, and to him alone.

If anyone else in Happytown wanted to use any of Mr Big's intellectual property, they would have to pay him for it - in blood!

Evil Mr Big also started television channels and newspapers, which constantly repeated the message that evil Mr Big was kind and good and had created all the knowledge in the world himself. Mr Big's newspapers and TV channels also repeated, over and over, that anyone who sang or told a story without paying evil Mr Big was a thief and a criminal and should be shot.

And many people - though not, perhaps, the majority - eventually started to believe what evil Mr Big's newspapers and TV channels told them. And so, when other people tried to sing or dance without paying Evil Mr Big, they would shout, "Thief! Thief! You're stealing from everybody else!" and go running for Evil Mr Big's henchmen.

And there we are. I leave it to further contributors to continue the story.

(copyright cleardawn productions. all rights reserved. buy your Evil Mr Big dolls now at

-----posted by cleardawn at 8:45 AM PST on May 26

I like stories. On the matter of internet piracy I am still kind of on the fence. Again, it's a "shades-of-gray" thing. On the one hand, I definitely don't agree with people SELLING pirated movies/music/stories/whatever. And on the other hand, I don't think filesharing necessarily constitutes pirating - what makes it any different than borrowing the video/CD/book from your friend? The sci-fi author that I linked to a couple of days ago says it best. I guess I would have a problem with P2P if people were actually making money off of it - like if the site that was hosting Revenge of the Sith was using Google AdSense (or whatever) to try to make a salary so he could quit his job and just live off the profits from millions of people visiting his site to download the movie. But I'm fairly certain that the majority of P2P hosts don't work this way - especially now that they are using Usenet as a means to fileshare more anonymously. There's no way to make money from that. They just want to share something cool with the world.

Anway, cleardawn's story just made me smile - he's simplified the issue to the extreme, but what it boils down to is fundamentally the way it seems to work in most cases. What really annoys me is that usually the artists themselves don't give a damn if their stuff is shared on the internet (especially musicians, as it gets the word out - take, for instance, Fiona Apple's latest offering), and it's the money-men - the managers, the lawyers, the record labels, the major movie studios - that make the fuss. And they already have millions of dollars! Oy. Why can't we just get back to happily dancing and sharing for the sheer blissful joy of it?! (And yes, we have already established that I am a hippy at heart.) But I also like to purchase and support anything that I find interesting and fun - I may download a free song or movie now and then for easy access on the computer, but I also purchase just as many CDs and DVDs as ever - in fact, I purchase more than ever, due to the fact that I make more money now. I just don't understand the filesharing problem as it is explained to the masses - stop making it a money issue! It's a control issue, plain and simple. And I positively detest people/corporations who delude themselves (and others) into thinking they are in control.

*** Double-flips off of soapbox ***


Monday, May 23, 2005

Yay... it's Conspiracy Theory Day!

I saw Revenge of the Sith for a second time on Saturday. I have heard from others that they liked it even better upon second viewing. But I didn't. I noticed the passage of time much more on this trip to the theater, although that is most likely because the guy sitting next to me kept pulling out his cell phone to check the clock every few minutes, thereby completely removing me from the the experience. Oh well, I will see it a couple more times before it leaves the theaters I'm sure. And for the Star Wars link o' the day, today we have 10 Things the Final Star Wars Should Resolve - but didn't. I mean, not one of those things was resolved. What a let-down. How cool would it have been to get some of those questions answered in this moviethatshouldhavebeenawesome? Bah. No use crying over it now, I guess we'll just have to be happy with the movie as it stands. Like Gandalf says, that is not for us to decide - all we have to decide is what to do with the movies that are given to us.

So all the outright political statements and looks back at human history in Revenge of the Sith have made me start really noticing the political spectrum this week. There seems to be a lot of rampaging Bush-hating going on around the internets these days. I'm sure it's no different than normal, I just noticed it more this week. Now, I am no tree-hugging liberal, but I am also no "Bush is God" conservative, so I take it all with a grain of salt. Disclaimer: I find these links amusing - not as fact, not as fiction, just as a way to pass the time - and I've always been a sucker for a bit of conspiracy theory. So here's the first one - a video about how the Pentagon crash on 9/11 was faked. I guess the video-makers are trying to say that the U.S. government crashed a plane into the Pentagon (or a missile - or set off a bomb - or a combination of all of that), and then made it seem like it was done by the same guys who were behind the WTC crash. But why? Wasn't the WTC attack bad enough? Why would they need to fake another crash to give them even more of an excuse for revenge and war?? I especially like the "mind control machine" reference. goes into more detail, and even states that some people believe that the WTC collapse was helped along by explosives. So, do they want us to believe that the U.S. government was working in league with the guys flying the planes? Or that the government just use the planes crashing as an excuse for a reason to finally blow up the WTC buildings? Or were the supposed bombs planted by terrorists too, to make certain that the towers did actually collapse? I'm confused by all this paranoia coming from both sides (and I freely admit that I really didn't read through that site completely).

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Note to readers: I have no political affiliation with this poster - it's just what came up when I did a GIS for "paranoia"

And finally, here's the 9/11 Facts Summary in case you are still interested in reading more. I wonder how people who lost loved ones in the attacks feel about these types of sites. I wonder if they hate them, or if they are morbidly interested in finding out one day that they are true (or not). Whatever. I just find it fascinating, and I'm very very glad to live in a country that allows its citizens to freely question the government. If this basic right is ever taken away and journalists and bloggers start disappearing in the middle of the night, I'm outta here - New Zealand here I come!

Speaking of governmental bloggers and their ever-increasing public readership, CURSE YOU, BLOGGERS! I found this pretty funny. I guess marketers from all over are having trouble targeting the "non-sellout" nature of bloggers. See, for instance, the "Warner Brothers Blog Blunder" of 2004, still a hot topic among the anti-establishment music bloggers (read this Boing Boing entry from Feb. 2005 for more info). Warning to all marketers: don't mess with opinionated bloggers, they are quick to judge and very detail-oriented - you will not survive their wrath. (Or maybe you'll survive, but you won't be happy about it.)

Oh, I forgot about one last political link that I have questions about - The Downing Street Memo. Is this memo real or is it conspiracy? If it's real, is it just being blown out of proportion? If not, it's kind of scary. I'm not going to become paranoid though - the Force will balance itself out, with or without my worrying about it (Karma and all that).

And here is hopefully the final follow-up to the finger-found-in-chili case: Man With Missing Fingertip Surfaces. He beat up the reporters? That's awesome! And he gave his fingertip to a guy in payment of a $50 debt, who in turn gave it to his wife so she could place it in chili and try to make a million dollars? I swear this story gets more and more ridiculous as the days go by - I half-believe it's just a gigantic joke. Does this type of thing only happen in America - the land of Jerry Springer idiots? Probably.

A couple of fun links: The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and PostSecret. I really had a lot of fun reading some of those postcards - it's nice to see that there are other people out there with the same insecurities and neuroses as me. Very refreshing and "quantum mechanics"-like (we are all joined together on one level and all that).

Acronym Finder is pretty useful.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

And Lucas stays in the game...

... barely. I would not call Revenge of the Sith a strike, but it was definitely not a home-run. At most it was a base hit. But it honestly felt more like a ball. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. But it was not the Star Wars that I have known and loved for 25 years. It's a lot closer than The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones though, that's for sure, which is one thing it has going for it. But still, there's really no excuse for mediocrity. This movie should be AWESOME, given the incredible plot line and build up - it should make people jump out of their seats in thunderous applause. Come one, we're talking about the transformation of the greatest villain in modern pop culture here, for God's sake! There are small moments that pop up here and there throughout, which, taken on their own, do have resounding effect. The trick is keeping it up for the entire movie, and it doesn't even come close to that. At the end, it got a smattering of golf-applause at the most. And this was at the midnight opening on the day of the release, when the crowds are at their wildest - if the movie is deserving of course.

I mean, it's pretty obvious that I wasn't too impressed since I couldn't even bring myself to write this until 6:00 the next day. I had to process it and figure out what I really feel. I can say for sure that I am SICK TO DEATH of the whiny nitpickers out there. But I guess they come out of the woodwork for any highly anticipated fan-based movie. It's just a fact of life I suppose. Same thing happened for Return of the King when it was released. Too much expectation and hype do not a good thing make.

Okay, here's one glaring problem that I can point to outright (and it's not a nitpick - it is a problem, plain and simple): the prequels as a whole are just not as accessible to people because of their plot complications. I know these complicatons are needed in order to tell the story, but I have no doubt that it could be told in a less confusing manner, using more concise dialogue, by a better screenwriter. Personally, I had no problem following along and very much enjoyed a lot of the subtle undertones and plot points of Palpatine scheming and playing both sides, but I know it was confusing to many people, due to the amount of which I had to explain to my friends (who are Star Wars fans, but don't follow the universe as closely as I do) after the fact. The original trilogy films are accessible to everyone, not just Star Wars fans - the prequels are not. Especially when Lucas throws in random references to the Extended Universe, such as Grievous' whooping cough. Which is just plain unacceptable. It leaves glaring plot holes to the casual movie-watcher that cannot be filled without reading the novels/watching the Clone Wars cartoon/etc. (not to mention a few plotholes that cannot be filled at all).

There is also a level of inaccessibility arising from the fact that there is no clear wrong and right in the prequels. It's always jumbled and full of shades of gray. For instance, in the scrolling text at the opening of Revenge of the Sith it talks about "War!" and how there are heroes on both sides and evil on both sides ("evil is everywhere"). I don't think that a lot of people really "get" this shades-of-gray thing. Or not that they don't "get" it, but that they don't really want to go into the philosophy of the world in escapist movies. They want to see Darth Vader kick some ass, plain and simple. I don't agree - I love that philosophy shit, but I don't think most kids/teenagers/people who just want to get away from it all like it. Favorite lines from the whole movie:

Anakin: "If you're not with me, you are my enemy."
Obi-wan: "Only a Sith speaks in absolutes."

I have a feeling that this "shades of gray" thing is the reason behind the complaints about how quickly Anakin's transformation to the Dark Side went - or how they really didn't see the reason that he changed over. Now see, this is one thing that I really have no problem with - his transformation is subtle throughout his life, starting with being taken away from his mother to be trained as a Jedi (probably too old and arrogant already by that point) and to me, that's the way it should be. It just wouldn't be right to see Palpatine use the Force to force (hahaha - I made a funny) him to be his assistant - Anakin must make that decision on his own, and Palpatine must play him just like he's played both the Senate and the Separatists. Anakin has always possessed quite a bit of the Dark Side in his psyche, and Palpatine knows this and makes good use of it. For instance, when Anakin scissors off Dooku's head - I was yelling "No, don't do it!" at that point, even though I knew good and well that he was going to do it. But the 100% point of no return comes when he helps Palpatine kill off Mace Windu. After that, there was no other choice left for Anakin but to join with Palpatine. This is a disturbing and very well-done scene. Kudos to Samuel L. for really doing a great job in this film. Didn't particularly like him in the first two, but he has redeemed himself in my book.

Another thing I really don't have a problem with is Anakin's "whiny-ness". People say that he shouldn't be a whiny, arrogant brat because Vader is not a whiny, arrogant brat. Which is correct - if you are only referring to Original Trilogy Vader. But he had to become a mean killing machine who shows no mercy - he is not just born a mean killing machine who shows no mercy. His arrogance is key to his eventually becoming the evil villain that we all know and love. His arrogance is what causes his transformation to "more machine than man". And that last bit of whiny arrogance died in him when he learned of Padme's death. And that is the point of no return for Vader. He will never show mercy or love again. He will feed off of other people's fear. That's pretty powerful imagery to me. But I CERTAINLY could have done without the slo-mo "NOOOOOOOOOOO" he lets out while in the Vader costume. Damn, that sucked. But at least now we know where Luke gets it from.

My main problem with the movie is that this powerful social commentary gets completely lost in needless plot complications, horrible dialogue, and showboat effects-for-effects'-sake. I honestly think that this is the main problem for the whole batch of prequels. Luckily the effects aren't quite so fake-looking in this one, so it's a little easier to ignore it, but it's still way too flashy, which detracts from the passionate story. And good LORD, Lucas, please let someone help you with the "love" dialogue and direction of the actors. As it stands, it is positively cringe-worthy and laughable. I felt no passion and no love whatsoever - umm, except the kiss at the beginning, but that's just because I was pretending to be Natalie Portman and it made me all hot and bothered - that boy is very nice to look at, I'll give him that much - and don't even get me started on the shirtless nightmare scene - *fans self*):

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Ahem.... where were we?? (sorry I was getting boring and had to add some excitement to rev up the review)


  • Yes, C3PO's memory gets erased, but what's to keep R2 from telling him everything later?

  • How does Padme go from just barely being pregnant to giving birth in a matter of days/weeks?

  • How can Leia remember her mother if her mother died so quickly after giving birth?

  • Why didn't Obi-wan kill Anakin and put him out of his misery after chopping off all his limbs and watching him burn? (Yes I obviously realize that if he had done this there would be no Original Trilogy in the first place, but it just seemed so out of-character for Obi-wan to let him burn like that.)

  • So who ordered the making of the Clone troops in the first place?

  • Why is Grievous such a crappy fighter in this one? He kicked so much ass in the Clone Wars cartoon - if you're going to make a huge deal out of the newest villain for merchandising, you might as well make him awesome (like Darth Maul was). I still think that the Sideshow Grievous statue is to die for, and will hopefully someday be able to afford it. I just wish Lucas had done a little more with him in the movie - he had such potential as a baddie.

  • And why did R2 kick so much ass? He had so many cool gadgets he was like Batman in this one. Too bad they never make an apperance in any other Star Wars movie...

  • Why do the kids have to be hidden? Vader doesn't even know they exist. And if the purpose was to hide them well, why did Luke get placed on Anakin's home planet, with Anakin's (half? step?) brother, using Anakin's last name? WTF?

Scenes that made me cry:

  • Anakin and Obi-wan parting ways as brothers - I knew what was going to happen and it devestated me.

  • The killing of the Jedi and burning of the Temple.

  • The whole Anakin vs. Obi-wan fight. I had been waiting 25 years to see this take place, and it was better and more powerful than I had imagined. I think I sobbed pretty much from the time he Force-choked Padme unil it was over.

  • Padme naming the twins. This was especially moving for me because Star Wars was my LIFE growing up - I was Leia and Luke was my brother. Hearing them being named brought back incredibly great memories.

  • Seeing Leia and Luke placed in their new homes and hearing the musical themes for each one. I absolutely adore the music from these films.

Wow, this is getting really really long, I better shut it down for the day. I'm going to have to go watch the Original Trilogy now, because I have a feeling it's going to have a different tone from now on. I'm eager to experience that. But I also need to watch Arrested Development Season 1 and some more Buffy. Oh, and thanks to my friend Kevin over at for pointing out that Scrubs Season 1 just came out Tuesday, which I promptly picked up at Best Buy last night. Arg.

I will close with a link to Darth Vader's final post on his blog. If you haven't read this already, I HIGHLY recommend it. All the great memories from childhood come flooding back. It's especially poignant after just watching Revenge of th Sith. Plus, I don't think I've ever seen a blog entry with over 400 comments before! Most impressive. I will miss the daily dose of Darth for sure. But I suppose all good things must come to an end.

Until next time....

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Less than 24 hours to go....

... until complete Star Wars submersion. I can barely contain my excitement. So we will start out with the requisite Star Wars link o' the day. This movie made me laugh out loud in a couple of parts. The part when Darth Sidious uses General Grievous as a television antenna - bwahahahahaha! - and the part when Chewbacca takes a photo of Obi-Wan and Anakin drinking a celebratory pint together and then the Poloroid shows them in the midst of the infamous lightsaber duel. Good stuff. Also - great use of the Force to piece the Lego ships back together again. Very clever. This is some of the best viral marketing I have ever seen. Although this one ranks right up there with it, especially considering my affinity for action figures. Why can't I think of something like that? And why am I so jealous of creative people? I just need to learn to accept myself for who I am - an uncreative, average, law-abiding citizen. Too bad it's so boring... /feeling sorry for myself

Kottke has come through with another great list: 50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod. I don't actually own an iPod at the moment - but I will someday, so I figured I'd document this for future reference.

I liked this article. He really makes a lot of sense and is a pretty good writer. I really like his sarcastic tone. I may have to check out his book. I wonder if he realized that that post would make it to the most linked list and that he will probably sell more books than ever because of it? That's just awesome.

Happy International Masturbation Month!! What a great article. Plus it links to pages of "how to masturbate", some even with pictures. Yay! Porn that I don't have to feel guilty about looking at - it is educational, silly. I will be visiting that site repeatedly, fersher. Just not at work...

A totally pointless Flash animation. I don't know why I liked it so much, but it made me laugh more than once today, and that's important to me. Laughter is good.

More scary Christian stuff. I'm not saying that Christianity is scary in itself, but, just like anything else, it's very scary if used in the wrong way and for suspicious reasons. This link is courtesy of Metafilter, which had a great discussion on it today. "Fishbush" - snert.

And this:

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is hilarious. I can watch it over and over and over again. But maybe that's a personal problem I should look into...

Tomorrow night - Revenge of the Sith, baby! If it's inspiring enough, I may be inclined to post about it immediately. If not, I'll just have to wait until I feel like it, which may be never. crossing my fingers that it's good - three strikes and your OUT Lucas...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

More fingers found in food.

What's up with this "finger found in food" epidemic that's sweeping the nation? Here's another story about a digit found in some frozen custard. Side note: is that like ice cream? No seriously, what makes frozen custard different from, say, frozen yogurt, or ice cream even? Is it another word for the same thing? Or is is something new entirely?? I'm confused. Plus, this devil machine had previously claimed some other underpaid worker's digit? What are the odds?? Anyway, I guess the guy finally decided to give the poor custard-maker his finger back, but alas, it was too late.

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So I've been collecting interesting links all week long, and I will now spring them all on the unsuspecting visitor in no particular order, starting with one of my favorite subjects, Apple computers and all that is the wonderful world of Mac. The newest big thing from Mac is the new OS, Tiger OSX. I am very excited with mine and have joined the cult of Mac 100%. Plus I really like the word "widgets", of which there are now 169 new ones to download. I wonder if anyone has downloaded them all? Sometimes I think that these types of things make life even more complicated instead of less so. How do you keep track of which widgets you have and which you don't? I think there should be a widget to keep track of your widgets. Just kidding... or am I? I liked Jason Kottke's collection of silly TIger-related headlines. I also enjoyed looking through the photos from Tiger's release (more here). Isn't it fun to feel like part of a community? That's what's lacking in the Window's world - community. It's too big, there's too many PC users, using Windows doesn't make me feel like part of an exclusive club. Okay, I'm getting to deeply into psychology... moving right along...

Speaking of Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates, sounds like someone's getting a little jealous to me. The iPod fuckin' rules, nothing will replace it in the near future. Especially not some virus-attracting Windows phone. Why don't you try thinking of something new and exciting, Mr. Billionaire? Phones playing music... meh. Phones that shoot lasers and liquid acid in the faces of your enemies... yeah. The world needs more James Bond gadgets in my opinion.

Speaking of phones, bet you didn't know that God hates AT&T, MCT, and Verizon! [WARNING: Sound in that link!!] And that Verizon teaches employes to be more accepting of gay lifestyles... how shocking! WTF??? Is this "United American Technology" company for real? The ignorance and fear of the unknown of some people out there quite honestly dumbfounds me. This is the United American Technologies website. I love the picture of the kid doing "earmuffs!" from that movie Old School. (For more information, and another enlightening MP3, go to Wonkette and scroll down to May 10th, if it doesn't already take you there.)

Enough of that scary stuff, on to something really just damn silly. And cute. And more than a little crazy.

Exciting news on the technology front: more U.S. cities plan to set up wireless networks!!! As someone who just recently purchased a laptop with built-in wireless capabilities, this is great news. I would LOVE to be able to surf from the beach. Haha, get it? "Surf" from the beach... oh nevermind. But it would be cool.

Sideshow had a chat for Friday the 13th, and I missed it AGAIN. But this guy from the Freaks Board happened to log it and post it on his site already - WITH pics. It's awesome - thanks dude! Warrington Gillette sounds pretty nutty. I can't believe he wants to make a movie about his father's death with fans of the Friday the 13th movies killing his stepmom, the Evil Villainess. It sounds to me like he needs some therapy instead. Tom Savini seems really neat and has had an interesting life in the "biz". I will always think of him as the guy with the crotch rocket in From Dusk Till Dawn, no matter how talented a makeup artist he is. Classic.

Now that Revenge of the Sith is less than a week away from it's worldwide debut, I present the requisite Star Wars link of the day. I really envy Mr. Vader's blogging style. I wish I could be that open with my feelings. He's a class act, that Darth.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Real quick before I forget:

Here's a great comic strip that someone posted on the Sideshow Freaks board today:

Image hosted by
(Even though I am fundamentally against hotlinking, here's the direct link in case this is too small for some people - besides it's not like that a ton of people even visit my page anyway!)

I love it. But I'm still going to the midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith, because, well, Star Wars has taken up such a large part of my life that I'm not going to miss the end for anything... please, please, please don't let this one be disappointing for us, George Lucas - I think I shall build a shrine to the Lucas mega-universe and pray everyday for the next week in front of it. Maybe that will help...

Monday, May 09, 2005

Good weekend for movie trailers.

So, the next Harry Potter movie will be "The Goblet of Fire" and the teaser was posted this weekend here. We've established that I'm a geek and like geeky things, so it's no surprise that I'm really excited about this one. The book is awesome, and I'm expecting great things now that the actors have aged and are growing into their roles. There's a lot of Beatles hair styles in the teaser - is mod coming back in style? I have mixed feelings about the Narnia trailer. I loved the books as a child. Haven't read them in a while, but I'm sure I would still enjoy them. I can recall the love I felt for Aslan and how I pictured him in my head. Needless to say, that gives me high expectations, which never bodes well going in, as I will invariably be disappointed in some form or fashion. And I am definitely not impressed with the Aslan in the trailer - I'm hoping that's just the "prototype" Aslan :-p

Requisite Star Wars link of the day: Darth Vader lives! This is a pretty great article, written surprisingly enough by the "MSM" (main stream media for those of you living in the Dark Ages). Sometimes MSNBC surprises me.

Image hosted by

And now, a random fact about Vin Diesel: All your base are belong to Vin Diesel. Another "oh that's soooo 15 minutes ago" site, I know, but still - gotta love it.

My genius is lacking due to a splitting headache, I've got to get off the computer... I can feel my IQ lowering as I type....

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh, BTW...

An addendum to my last post - I found this awesome new blog/information site called Lifehacker, along with all their sister sites, like Gizmodo and Defamer. Yay! I just absolutely love the term "Lifehack" and all it implies. I also love"Folksonomy" - I love the organicness of the word and what it stands for (I'm a hippy at heart - a geeky, technophile, but still a hippy). For more on lifehacking, see the Flickr tagged pictures of various and sundry lifehacks. I also love the term for post-its as "hipster PDA". I have always used post-its instead of a PDA - who knew that I was really a hipster at heart?!

I'm the coolest. No I'M the coolest - and I can prove it.

Since I'm on the internet a lot, I see most popular links/sites before a lot of other people. And then, a month later, someone who is sooooo 15 minutes ago sends me the link again, thinking they are so cool and hip. Well, now let me introduce " : you're the coolest, and you can prove it" - a complete waste of time. The only reason this service exists is so you can email your friend back and say "Look, slow-ass, I'm way cooler than you 'cuz I found this link 3 weeks ago - so there!". Ridiculous. Why is there such a need for competition across the web? Can't we all just enjoy it?? Say, instead, "Cool, thanks. I saw this link a few weeks ago, but I always get a kick out of it." Or something. I mean, think of all the steps you would have to go to to use this to prove your coolness - sign up for an account, log it when you come across something cool, search for it when your friend sends the email, then copy and past the URL into a new email, write a message about how lame your friend is, and send it. I say again - ridiculous. If one has to prove oneself as cool, one is definitely not cool. Just like these pathetic t-shirts, which I'm sure are popular with the "hipster" crowd of "digerati" (don't you like my "use of quotations"?). I mean, seriously guys, can't we all just bask in the iPod and Apple glow without pointing fingers??? Sheesh. [EDIT: and yes, I am entirely aware that I am pointing fingers right back - deal with it - I'm just publishing a stream of consciousness here, okay? I'm not trying to sell something or sign someone up for my service by using my finger-pointing prowess.]

Speaking of old news - I might as well comment on the new USDA Food Pyramid - or should we say, Food Circus Tent (or Part of a Pie Chart), 'cuz that's what it really looks like. Pyramids are supposed to be blocks built on top of other blocks to form the shape, which is why it was great before. The stuff you need to eat the most of forms the base, etc. etc. Now it's just confusing. Plus, it discriminates against color-blind people because how can you tell what color is for what, if you can't tell colors? I guess you just have to memorize which line is first, which line second, etc. And then memorize what each line is for exactly - hold on a second, is that one treats or is it for protein?? - yeah, I definitely liked it better the other way. And the silly stairs on the side? Like I need a reminder to exercise. Second to doing work (and blogging), getting exercise is the thing that I spend the most time thinking about - thinking about ways of not doing it, that is. Bah, change makes me grumpy.

Got a new Buffy figure today from the Sideshow Buffy lineup. It's sold out, but I got it off evil-Bay (I got addicted too late in the game to get it while it was available direct from Sideshow). It's the Angel in human form 12 inch fig. I love all his rings and his shoes (what can I say, I think I have a slight shoe fetish, like most women - Sideshow has such great detail, even down to the shoes!). Now I can live out my fantasies with my nifty David Boreanaz look-alike doll - ew, that's kinda gross, nevermind, block that from your mind.

I wish I could get the Buffy Summers figure - pictured in the red jacket with Angel here:

Image hosted by

as it's by-far the best Buffy action figure out there, but it always gets too expensive for me. Bah.

My camera is unfortunately DEAD and being worked on so I can't take pictures. Eventually I am going to put together a photo blog on Flickr (and get me a Pro account, baby) of all my action figs and statues fighting it out and posing in weird places with random people, but not yet. Besides, I have no time even for blogging, what makes me think that I would have time to do something like that??? I'm just kidding myself.

- upload all CDs to iTunes
- create Flickr photo blog
- balance checkbook
- get a Mother's Day gift
- get my oil changed
- pet my cats

Speaking of Sideshow, I really wish I could have gotten the Angel directly from them - they just started this great new programe called Collect for Life, in which they donate part of the proceeds from all sales made directly through their website to the Lance Armstrong Cancer Foundation. What a great cause. Plus you get a free Collect for Life bracelet. Yay - more stuff!! I'm addicted to stuff. I also just found out about this message board called Sideshow Freaks so that I can discuss my addiction with fellow addicts. Although, I really don't have the time, but I will be actively lurking from now on - I am an information whore. I'll add "lurk at Sideshow Freaks board" to my list of things to do before death.

I found this funny. I think I was just in a weird mood though - it's not THAT original. But it IS funny. My favorite - "i'm not rushin' into it. i always do that." And from the same site - excellent Better Off Dead goodness. That movie is genius.

Here's is something that I touched on before in my entry when I discussed the top 10 most likely causes of Earth's destruction (must scroll down to fifth paragraph - still haven't gotten past basic HTML commands so that I can make it do it for you). It's artificial intelligence! w00t!!1! I always wanted to chat with a machine and ask it psychology questions. That'd be interesting - "I'm sorry, I do not understand the question. What is this thing called jealousy?" It'll be interesting to see if the idea gets any further than it has in the past. Maybe, instead of hatching nefarious plots to take over the world, the machines can figure out the cure for cancer and AIDS and diabetes and make us lots of money so we humans can just sit around drinking Mai-Tais at the beach, taking advantage of the free WiFi service that will be globally adopted by that time. Aaaaahhhh - just let a girl dream for second.

Okay I'm tired of typing now...