Sunday, April 03, 2005

Happy (late) April Fool's!

Apparently all kinds of crap happens when I'm away from internet access for an April Fool's weekend - Thursday's post about the Obi-wan link at Sideshow turned out to be an April Fool's joke (but never fear, I will still be trying more dates and product names to hopefully find some REAL preview pages of un-announced product - now that my "Sideshow URL organization theory" has proven correct - they won't get away so easily!)... go ahead and check the link now and wait a few seconds for the silly video that follows! How great is that?? I wish more companies played April Fool's jokes. Peter Jackson did one for too - and it was VERY involved. Go here and click on the production diary for Day 123 on the right side of the page. Peter Jackson is my hero.

Okay, so I don't really have anything else because I've been gone all weekend (I'm becoming one of those people who absolutely HATE being away from the internet because I'm worried that I'll miss out on the good links - 3 day of Metafilter and Fark GONE - there's not time to catch up now - ack, it's like the end of the world!), but I'm sure I'll find some good stuff for tomorrow... and instead of a second installation of "Silly Sunday Cinema" I'll be moving it to Monday (and I couldn't think of any clever "M" alliteration for it at the moment, so oh well.)

More to come...


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