Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Great Star Wars Broo-Ha-Ha of 2005.

The story of the LA Star Wars Line has been CRAZY popular on the 'net lately. My favorite blog entry thus far has got to be Jessica Stover's "feeding the nerds" entry. In a way it makes me sick though - how come I can't be as clever (and beautiful and talented and badass... I'll stop now before I kill myself) as she is?? It's just not fair. But it sure is funny as shit to read - as well as being a strangely moving tribute to the nerds. I also always like reading Wil Wheaton's take on LA-happenings, and this is a pretty good summary of what all has been going on with the infamous line. And now it seems that the nerds have sold out and have given up their battle for an Episode III showing at Grauman's by buying scores of tickets to the opening at A DIFFERENT THEATER!!! Shockwaves are felt all around the country! Long live the nerds (and I'm just glad I'm not one of them... although these T-shirts rock the house and I may just buy one even though I'm not part of the line).

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And now, on to more important things.

A great big 100-pack of these stickers are a must-have for any urban dweller. I wonder how long it would take someone to notice the sticker once it's stuck on? I think I shall experiment with hidden cameras...

The Found Footage Festival - celebrating crappy corporate videos ("10 Reasons NOT to Smack Your Sexy Co-Worker in the Ass" - actually I made that one up, obviously, but do check out the Wendy's one from the 80's with the rapping hamburger fryer) and even crappier home videos of yokels running around having barbecues. I can feel my IQ slipping.

A hilarious look back at "When the Web Was New". It's amazing to think back on the past 10 years and realize just how much our lives have been changed by the good old internets. I am very happy to have experienced this first-hand. I only wish that more people across the globe could also experience it - if I were the ruler of the world, these would be the first things I would do:

1) Food for everyone!
2) Computers for everyone!
3) Internet access for everyone!

And then if I could just get everyone to play nice (Netiquette courses for everyone!), the world would be a much happier place, although I'm sure we could find something to argue about no matter how awesome things were - not that I want to get too deeply into that subject in my light-hearted bloggy-blog.

Holy CRAP!! This person definitely falls into that "people with too much time one their hands" category. Actually, it's pretty terrifying, and I don't want to ponder it too deeply.

This story from the blog Creek Running North is a pretty inspiring and insightful look into human relationships. It very distinctly shows the shades of gray involved in all of human life. No black and white just makes things harder, but it also makes things more interesting along that way, that's for sure.

Look POTA fans - it's Holy Zira! This person should be banned from e(vil)Bay for taking advantage of those poor, desolate Planet of the Apes fans. I truly hope that no one buys this - but I suppose if someone does, it's his/her own damn fault for being so incredibly gullible. Although I guess the same goes for the person/casino who bought the grilled cheese Virgin Mary for... 28,000 DOLLARS, which falls easily into the "people with too much money AND too much time on their hands" category.



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