Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Why Britney Spears Hates HDTV!

This article is absolutely horrible. And it must have been a pretty popular site because it came up on MSNBC's most-clicked list (and yes, I do realize that I just made it even more popular by linking to it - too damn bad). I just cannot believe someone took the time to ponder who looks better and who looks worse on HDTV AND THEN to write up a list. Why why why does it matter so god-damned much to people that Cameron Diaz has pock marks? Or that Michael Douglas and Jamie Lee Curtis are getting old? Seriously, it bothers me. I mean, come on people... get a life and do more stuff like this instead, which is pretty much a complete waste of time, but at least it's occasionally clever and not mean to people just because they are celebrities and we're jealous.

A clever (and time consuming) Bohemian Rhapsody parody from Britain.

Here's a blog written by a guy who's currently teaching English in Japan. It's worth reading just for the fact that it's always informative and interesting to read about other cultures' every-day lives and idiosyncrasies - this one just happens to be pretty funny at the same time. Pay close attention to the game that Japanese school children apparently love to play called "Kancho". To bring on my next trip to Japan:
underwear - check
digital camera - check
Dance Dance Revolution tips - check
baggy pants - double check

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See ya


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Mungo Baobab said...

Question: What's worse than reading an article about how bad people look in HDTV?
Answer: Reading a blog about an article about how bad people look in HDTV.
I am kidding of course, I love making fun of people making fun of celebrities.


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