Monday, March 28, 2005

NEWS FLASH: The University of Texas is brainwashing your kids to worship the Devil!!!

How completely insane do you have to be to believe this crap? I mean seriously. Insane. The men in white coats are coming with your jacket to take you away now - you'll be safe with them, I promise.

I'm embarrassed to admit to exactly how long I spent playing with this incredibly annoying and totally addicting little piece of flash genius. Hint: guard your vowels with your life.

Welcome to the Blue Tights Adventure Network! (insert witty comment here) Watch in embarrassed silence as Bryan Singer totally rips off Peter Jackson's idea of sending video commentary to a fan site during the production of his current film. Then sit back and enjoy all of Jackson's infinitely superior Production Diaries at Note: The diaries on both sites are located on the right-hand side of the pages - in case you're a complete idiot and can't find them on your own. :)

A very helpful little (!) list of descriptive words that can infintely increase your vocubulary in any and all internet flame wars. Take that, you dreck-eating dingus. In related news, today was Dyngus Day for Poles around the world. And for also some wild crazy politicians in South Bend, Indiana. Let the polka-ing begin!

Here's my favorite animated GIF of the week:

Image hosted by
Who knew that Spider Man could bust the moves like that? Is it getting hot in here, or is that just me?? So that's why superheroes wear tights - so they can run straight to Jazzercise classes after saving the world. That's hot. Another Note: I don't know why it came out so small, and I can't make it bigger because Photobucket is very limiting - wah.

And finally, say goodbye to poor Hogzilla. He definitely was an impressive beast. Any relation to Moshzilla I wonder?? (sorry I just couldn't resist the urge to link to that picture again)

Hook 'em


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