Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Isn't the randomness of the world amazing?

This story speaks for itself. It's amazing.

How do you hide your dirty toilet plunger? You obscure it from view (whilst simultaneously drawing even more attention to it) under a Toilet Tree of course (caution: NSFE - Not Safe For Ears). Personally, I am relieved that the leaves are made out of recycled plastic. Don't you just love websites that:
a) Talk to you in a Midwestern accent
b) Are utterly useless?

Use caution when clicking on the following link: Hard-Core LOTR Geeks Only! Gandalf's Diary, penned by the infamous Uftak (aka Mike) of theOneRing.net, is my favorite piece of LOTR parody. It's actually quite clever, if you are familiar with the books/movies. If you aren't, then oh well - skip this one.

As a blogger, I now understand the "inside" jokes of the blogging world - and this one is especially funny. Help! I've become a blogging snob.

This is old news, as Yahoo turned 10 a few weeks ago now (I took advantage of the free Baskin Robbins ice cream, did you?), but I was cleaning out my bookmarks and came across this fun interactive and want to save it for posterity.

Until tomorrow...


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