Sunday, March 20, 2005


I cannot believe that I forgot to mention The Simpsons as one of my favorite TV shows, although it has recently been lacking - I suppose after 16 seasons it's pretty damn hard to keep up the level of wit that some of the earlier episodes achieved effortlessly. Groening should have quit while he was ahead, IMO. (For more along that train of thought, visit this site.) At least I have the DVDs to keep me happy.

On that note, I just received my weekly e-newsletter from Sideshow, and check this out! An entire collection of the Simpsons figures up for grabs AND a caption contest - what more could I ask for?

In totally unrelated news, this donkey is in a lot of trouble:

Image hosted by
Caption, anyone? I don't have any Simpsons figures to give away, but I'll laugh really hard and probably snort while doing it, which will make it worth your while.

Au revoir


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