Sunday, March 27, 2005

A brief (and boring) interlude into my life.

Interlude (and a little bit of self-love)

(I just have to get this out, you know? I've finally figured something out on my own.)

As you know, I'm an HTML newbie, and once I start learning something, I quickly become obsessed and convince myself that I NEED to know everything about the topic in question. In order to help with my "real-world learning" of HTML, I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure out how webmasters categorize and organize their pages by attempting to locate patterns in the URLs of various websites. Alas, I am horrible with numbers, so most of them are just gibberish to me - especially Google pages - the Google guys should post a warning: "Studying our URLs for extended periods of time has been known to cause brain hemorrhaging. We will not be held responsible for your stupidity in thinking that you could ever possibly figure our system out." Now, obviously Google's system has been deconstructed (WARNING: Extremely dull PDF linkage. This blogger takes no responsibility for any brain hemorrhaging caused by clicking on and reading this link.), but the undeniable truth is that any thought processes this complex could never possibly generate from my measly brain cavity.

But I digress. I believe that I have actually located a definite pattern in the product preview page URLs at Sideshow Collectibles. They are brilliantly simple to figure out (no offense to the webmaster in question). I'm a newsletter member, so I get previews of products before the general public does. Well, I've been paying close attention to those preview pages because, hey, wouldn't it be cool to know what's coming even before the other newsletter members? Of course it would - imagine the power - well maybe not so much - but I've always loved to have the inside scoop - it makes me feel special, which means I probably have a severe emotional problem, but we won't get into that here - don't worry, this is not THAT kind of blog.

Back to the subject at hand - here are a few product preview URLs as an example:

I guess you can easily see the patterns (if not, I really don't know what to say) and how they could be exploited by someone as incredibly intelligent as moi. So, the first thing I am doing with this new-found power is searching for a hidden preview page that may have been made (or has yet to be made) for this elusive gem:

Image hosted by

I haven't found it yet, but all fans of Sideshow expect that Obi-wan will be released pretty soon, as this image has been circulating for a while over at Rebelscum and other sites. No one knows exactly when we will see the preview - but I will know first! Bwahahahaha... I will continue to test dates and product names until I'm blue in the face, if for no other reason than to prove that I am right for once. For those of you that are actually actually still reading this, I will post as soon as I find something.

/Interlude (and bragging)


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