Wednesday, March 23, 2005

"Bloglines" lights up my life.

As I've already pointed out, I'm brand-spankin' new to the wonderful world of blogging (and all the "blog" words that go with it - blogrolling, blogstorm, blogosphere, blogswarm, blogdex, bloggerati - okay people, we're getting a teensy bit carried away here dontcha think? - anyway you get my drift), So, as a n00b, imagine my delight at finding (and revelling in) Bloglines. And to an even greater extent, utilizing Technorati along with it. An RSS reader ONLINE, that can also give me feeds from key-word searches (when used in combination with the feeds provided by my Watchlist on Technorati), wow - just - wow. I know, I know, I'll go crawl back under my rock now...

Useless blog-related trivia of the week: This is supposedly the first ever use of the term weblog. Of course, we all know that everything we read on the "internets" is true.

PSA - If anyone feels the urge to buy me a Christmas gift, please avoid Clocky (my, that's an original name - those British inventors must have spent YEARS coming up with it). I would most likely toss it out the window after a couple of mornings. And what's it made out of anyway? Coral?? But it would be fun to watch it scare the cats.

If you are not familiar with this guy's ongoing attempts to get store employees to compare his credit card signature to what he actually signs on the receipt, read it. It had me laughing and snorting like a champ. Having done my share of retail work, I can relate to the confusion and inaction on the part of the cashiers. This being understood, I don't agree with him that it's entirely the credit card companies' fault - the stores need to shoulder a large portion of the responsibility, as they are ultimately in charge of training their employees to cross-check signatures. I've never had a problem with identity/credit card theft though, so I mostly just find his antics amusing and not at all scary.

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And with that, I'm outta here.


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